Tokyo Electron Introduces Tactras™-UDEMAE™, the Etch System for 300mm Power Devices

Tokyo Electron (TEL; Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Toshiki Kawai) today announced the launch of Tactras™-UDEMAE™, the etch system for 300mm power devices.

In preparation for producing the Tactras-UDEMAE plasma etch system, TEL has enhanced its plasma reactor* for power devices—which boasts the largest installed base in the 200mm wafer market—to make it compatible with 300mm wafers, and installed it on Tactras, a highly reliable and productive platform that has been proven in 300mm wafer processes. The system is capable of applying the existing process library for 200mm wafers to 300mm processes, and features a new function to suppress particle generation in the wafer bevel area, an ability critical to the manufacturing of discrete power devices. Tactras-UDEMAE delivers uniform etch process of 300mm wafers by controlling the balance of various conditions, including wafer temperature, reactor pressure, gas flow rate, and radio frequency.

“Rising demand for general-purpose semiconductors such as chips for automobiles means that demand for semiconductor production equipment is also growing, especially for power devices and other discrete devices,” said Tetsuya Nakahara, Vice President & General Manager, FS BU at TEL. “In particular, the importance of etch technology is becoming greater than ever before in this manufacturing process of power devices and other discrete devices. The Tactras platform already has a large installed base and has achieved the highest levels in wafer transfer speed and footprint. By combining this platform with the newly developed plasma reactor for 300mm power devices, we are delivering a technology solution that could lead to significant improvement in productivity. We intend to keep developing and delivering technology solutions that are focused on addressing our customers’ needs.”

Plasma reactor: A reaction chamber or a system in which plasma is generated for etch and other processes.

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