Must see for Device and Process Engineers! International Memory Workshop2023

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2023.05.21 - 2023.05.24




Device Engineer Process Engineer

Concept: semiconductor memory device technology

International Memory Workshop (IMW) 2023, an international conference on memory devices, which are semiconductors used in a wide range of electronic devices and indispensable in our daily lives, will be held in California from May 21 to 24! Memory devices have undergone continuous miniaturization, evolution, and structural changes since their introduction. Memory devices are also making a significant contribution to the development of ICT technology.
IMW is an international conference organized by the Electron Device Society of the IEEE, where engineers and researchers from around the world gather to discuss device and process technology, design technology, , and other issues related to memory devices.
It is one of the world's largest international conferences specializing in memory devices.
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TEL will apply our expertise as an equipment manufacturer developed through being an industry leader and pursue technological innovation in semiconductors to contribute to the development of a dream-inspiring society by pursuing technological innovation in semiconductors, leveraging its expertise as an equipment manufacturer and its broad product lineup.