Have Your Home Builder Design Your Dream Home


Home Builders

House and land package homes are quite the in thing. The number one reason why more home builders believe in designing these homes is that these homes have more energy efficient options. The following are some reasons why modular homes are a better option:

  • These homes can be built more quickly and efficiently.
  • Mostly a home which is made through modular construction is more energy efficient than a stick built home.
  • These homes are more durable and are constructed with complete quality control and better materials.

The Benefits of Having a Home Builder Design Your Home

  • Since most of their homes are designed in a climate controlled environment, you can rest assured that your home stays the same way year after year. Even in extreme weather conditions the quality of your home never deteriorates.
  • A display home has higher number of inspections than site built homes. Usually a site built home may have just 2 or 3 inspections from start to finish. In case of a display home your home builder will let you know that there are at least more than a 100 inspections. This is usually done to inspect the high quality of work persists throughout the building of a modular home.
  • A modular home is energy efficient from the scratch. That means that you don’t have to invest in energy efficient features for your home or spend more money than needed.
  • Since a modular home is constructed in a factory there is less waste of resources like lumber and other material. Similarly there is a higher chance of recycling as well, since waste material is always reused.
  • Since modular homes are energy efficient they need fewer heating or cooling units.
  • Speak with Hotondo home builders. The homes by these builders are of the highest quality.

The Best New Home Designs

Home DesignsJust because most home designs are constructed in a factory doesn’t deter from the fact that they can be built exactly like customized homes. Most home builders will assure you that despite a certain structure these homes can be modified according to the home owner’s desire or taste. This company have a new home designs showcase. Hotondo new home designs have also received a lot of attention

There are often more than a 100 modular plans for you to choose from. You can have any of the following features in your modular homes like

  • Wooden or stone flooring
  • Corian countertops
  • One storey or two storey modular homes

There are a great many personalized feature to suite every building site and budget. Talk to your home builder today for more information regarding personalized modular home plans.

Adding Modular Extensions to Already Constructed Homes

Perhaps you might be thinking of enlarging your home instead of building it from scratch. A modular addition to your homes can help you cut down the costs and improve the energy efficiency of your home. Modular additions range from bedroom units to family rooms and everything else in between.

Same Home Financing As a Stick Built Home

Most people worry that the same home financing is not applicable if they have custom built modular homes. However this is not the case. The same terms and conditions of home financing apply to both modular and stick built homes.