How To Get The Best Deal When Financing Your Car


You will get some amazing benefits when financing your car. If you want to finance your car today, it would be good to look around, review and compare different financing terms. Don’t forget that you are extremely shopping for two things, the car and the financing.

Car leasing

Important things to keep in mind when getting a car lease

  • Negotiate the terms of your car lease
  • Understand the costs and conditions of financing a car before signing a contract
  • After signing a contract, ensure you have a copy of the signed paper with you before leaving with the new car.

Simple novated lease calculator

Car leasing calculator toolWhen you want to get the best deals, don’t be in haste. Try as much as possible to compare different payment options. Generally, longer contract lengths imply that you will have lower monthly payments. Start with a good novated lease calculator to see how much you can save.

Before subscribing for car leasing, you need to know that after making the monthly payments, the balance will be enough to handle your personal needs.

This will help you to avoid entering into bad or no credit. Also, you will need to consider the cost of insurance; this depends on the cost of the vehicle and other related factors.

Things you should do

  • You need to indentify your transportation needs or why you need to get involved with car leasing.
  • Figure out your financial budget and situation; know the amount you can spend for a vehicle.
  • Ensure you read your credit report very well. If there are errors or negative feedback, it will affect your inability to get credit. Make sure you do this before going for a lease or vehicle financing.
  • Read newspaper and social media advertisements, buying guides, and other related publications so that you will get the accurate information about the pricing. Always contact the dealer to get first class information about their products.
  • Always know the cost of insurance upfront; you can get this information from the insurer.
  • Know the market value of the car you want to lease.
  • Compare and contrast financing terms from different sources like finance companies, credit unions, dealerships and banks.
  • Understand the true difference between leasing and buying a car.
  • Don’t go beyond the price range
  • Negotiate both your lease or finance terms and your purchase price
  • Try to know if you are extremely comfortable with the offer- as a matter of fact, the offer must meet your transportation needs and budget.
  • Ensure you are comfortable with any optional products or services including guaranteed auto protection, credit insurance and extended service contract.
  • Read the contract very well, and ensure you ask relevant questions about it before signing it. You are legally obligated immediately you sign the contract.
  • After signing the document, make sure you keep a copy of the lease agreement or credit contract with you. Don’t allow the dealer to mail the documents to you, because they might get lost or misplaced along the way.
  • Make sure you pay on time, missed or late payments will have a negative effect on your credit report.