Solutions that Create Value for Customers

Development of Global Operations

We established the Customer Collaboration Group and are working to further strengthen our customer support capabilities in order to be the sole strategic partner for our customers. The Customer Collaboration Group consists of the Account Sales Division, and the Global Sales Division. Major semiconductor manufacturers, who are our traditional customers, share the needs for next-generation leading-edge technologies in memory, logic devices, foundry and other fields, to the Account Sales Division, and this leads to R&D of new technologies, and the Global Sales Division responds to the needs of domestic and overseas customers that handle products for the rapidly growing Chinese market and the industrial IoT market.

These two divisions work closely with business units, development and manufacturing divisions, service divisions and overseas subsidiaries to develop global operations throughout our entire Group (=One-TEL), enabling us to quickly provide the technologies, services and solutions that our customers demand.

Proposing Customer Solutions Leveraging a Wide Range of Product Lineup

To solve customers’ issues and contribute to the manufacture of highly competitive devices, we are developing proposal activities that leverage our wide range of product lineup, including equipment for the four key successive processes of deposition, coater/developer, etch and cleaning in the front-end process. We simultaneously strive to help customers improve productivity and quality in their development and manufacturing by providing optimal solutions that include remote support systems and software for maximizing equipment utilization rate. We are also continuously working to improve the performance of installed equipment to respond to customer requests for the manufacture of products that span multiple generations.

In the pursuit of higher speed, lower power consumption and lower cost semiconductors, 3D system integration in back-end processes is advancing. The 3D system integration requires cleaner process environment to have better yield because it is close to the final stage of semiconductor manufacturing and front-end processes are sometimes repeated after this process. Therefore, equipment that integrates front-end and back-end process technologies is required. KGD* with advanced testing is also important for the 3D integration of individual chips called Chiplet. To meet these requirements, we provide wafer bonding and laser edge trimming equipment based on the technology and experience we have cultivated in front-end processes, and wafer probers to ensure KGD.

KGD: Known Good Die. Semiconductor chips with guaranteed quality, including reliability

Customer responsiveness