As a global company with more than 17,000 employees working at business sites in 18 countries and regions, we are committed to becoming a robust organization where our diverse talents can shine and thrive.

To achieve this goal, we are promoting a global employee exchange among the Group’s employees as well as standardization of corporate practices.

Global Data

Number of Employees

(TEL Group companies as a whole)

The number 17,204 represents the number of employees for the entire TEL Group companies.

For the fiscal year ending March 2023

Business Sites

The locations of TEL’s selected business sites are shown on this world map. We have 83 sites in 18 countries and regions including Japan,  U.S.,  U.K., Northern Ireland, Italy, France, Germany,  Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Israel, Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

As of April 1, 2023

Percentages of Japanese and Overseas Employees

(TEL Group companies as a whole)

The graph shows the percentages of employees in Japan (55%) and overseas (45%).

As of April 1, 2023

Trend of Employee Composition

(TEL Group companies as a whole)

This graph shows the trend of employee composition at the TEL Group as a whole, specifically the percentage of non-Japanese employees. In FY1990 when TEL was transforming itself into a manufacturer, non-Japanese employees accounted for only 0.2% of the total, which grew to 22.6% in FY2000 when the company was amid the Globalization phase. In the following phase of Innovation and Growth, the figure grew from 22.3% in FY2010 to 41.5% in FY2020, 42.7% in FY2021, and to 45.8% in FY2022.

Global Initiatives

DE&I Week / DE&I Day / DE&I Talk

We held the first Diversity and Inclusion Talk event (later renamed the DE&I Talk) in 2020, which was streamed simultaneously to worldwide TEL Group employees. The DE&I Day event was added in 2022, followed by the DE&I Week in 2024, all of which are being held regularly.
These events feature speeches on diverse topics by TEL’s project leaders and external experts. During the DE&I Week, TEL Group companies in respective countries implement original programs.
TEL will continue to support these initiatives, to enable employees taking interest in and learning more about DE&I, as well as take appropriate actions in the workplace to influence others.

DE&I Talk Participants (2020)

DE&I Talk

The DE&I Talk is an annual event in which experts on a given theme are invited as presenters. TEL employees can participate in any sessions that interest them. Previous themes covered a lot of ground including: the benefits of diversity on individuals and the organization; psychological security in the workplace; the importance of equity; and LGBTQ+.
Online roundtable discussions are also held, bringing participants from the entire Group companies together to introduce their respective activities. The participants can talk about their countries’ goals and engagements as well as their personal experiences and observations, giving us all an opportunity to better understand TEL’s global initiatives.

Chang Roger (President, Tokyo Electron Taiwan) talking about “The DE&I Experience”

Makiko Eda (Outside Director), Sachiko Ichikawa (Outside Director), Tetsuya Nishiara (then Vice President, CTSPS Sales 1st Dept., TEL), Tetsushi Nagoya (then Vice President, FPD Marketing Dept., TEL), and Haruko Kawashima (CEO, Institute of Women’s Leadership Inc.) talking on the theme “The Future of Yourself and TEL: Tracing our Footsteps to Look Ahead”

Haruko Kawashima (CEO, Institute of Women’s Leadership Inc.), Kento Hoshi (CEO, JobRainbow), Takuro Senga and Mihoko White (Human Resources, TEL) talking about “The Importance of Equity” and “Diversity Enables Corporate Transformation”

Initiatives by Country

  • Japan

    Measures to increase the hiring of female engineers are being implemented in Japan, as well as various events and programs designed to promote DE&I as a companywide effort. Other activities include development support programs and initiatives to provide psychological security at workplaces.

  • U.S.

    TEL in the U.S. actively engages in ERG* programs, including the Women’s Network and the Pride Alliance, to raise the awareness of DE&I and achieve its objectives. Other activities include offering career support tools and learning/mentorship programs.

  • Korea

    To increase the hiring of female engineers and educate female managers, TEL in Korea is seeking the opinions of frontline employees to make improvements. Also, external DE&I conferences and events are prioritized, and participation in these activities is encouraged.

  • China

    The “Know China Seminar” is held to enhance the expatriate employees’ understanding of Chinese language, culture, and lifestyle. TEL in China also offers programs for training expert engineers.

  • Taiwan

    TEL in Taiwan holds the “Let’s Talk (with our) Representative(s)” event to streamline communication within the workplace, and also encourages participation in external events including panel talks at SEMICON Taiwan.

  • Singapore and Malaysia

    In Singapore and Malaysia, TEL is actively hiring women and those with multinational backgrounds and promoting various measures including the establishment of the D&I Committee and the introduction of female engineer ambassadors.

  • EU

    Our DE&I policies and processes in the EU are frequently updated to accommodate diverse work styles and environments. Also, unconscious bias training and DE&I skill training seminars are offered to those in management positions.

*ERG, or Employee Resource Group, refers to a voluntary employee group sharing a particular interest.


Global Human Resources System

In fiscal year 2018, we introduced shared global human resources systems to enable fair assessment of the employees’ performance.

Expert Engineer Training Programs
for Group companies

We implement expert engineer training programs with the cooperation of Group companies, plant GSMs, and HR departments.