Deposition EXIM™ Series

A flexible tool for next generation semiconductor devices

The EXIM™ series expands TEL’s product portfolio with an innovative 300mm PVD system that delivers excellent performance for forming complex multi-stack thin films. Process modules can be flexibly configured or added to accommodate various applications at different stages from R&D to high volume production. EXIM™ makes a significant contribution to the industry especially in the area of depositing multilayer films for Spin Transfer Torque Random Access Memory (STT-MRAM), a very promising next-generation non-volatile memory.



The EXIM™ is a unique flexible and extendible PVD system that provides excellent productivity for the formation of multi-layered stacks such as perpendicular Magnetic Tunnel Junctions (MTJs). Designed distinctly from typical PVD systems, the EXIM™ comprises of process and transfer modules that can be freely configured to meet challenging customer needs, from development to manufacturing. With newly developed deposition methods, the system provides improved tool up-time, low particle generation on the wafer surface, and excellent within-wafer uniformity and stability. Moreover, the EXIM™ delivers precise interface and composition control by the adoption of multiple cathodes as sputter sources. Perpendicular MTJs, key to the manufacturing of energy-saving STT-MRAM devices, may be made of more than 25 layers. The EXIM™ provides both high productivity and excellent film stack performance even for the complex processes required by such structures. With the exceptional flexibility and extendibility of the EXIM™ system, we expect the scope of process applications to expand continuously in the near future.

Product comparison

Wafer size
Availability New
Process Magnetic tunneling junction
Sputtering Source Multi cathode PVD
Safety S2/S8, CE
Substrates Si
Additional features Flexibility, Extendibility

EXIM is registered trademark or trademark of Tokyo Electron Limited in Japan and/or other countries.