Test WDF™ Series

Flexible probing system compatible of wafer and dicing frame handling

The WDF™ series is a fully automatic dicing frame prober capable of flexibly probing with standard wafers and devices on a dicing frame. In the semiconductor test market, various product forms such as thin wafers, advanced packages with TSV's, diced wafers, KGD application, strip frame devices require frame probing. The WDF™ series is an innovative probing technology that supports dicing frame transfer with no change kit. It realizes the same test as the wafer prober but with extremely thin wafers, strip frames, and devices after the dicing/singulation process.

WDF™ 12DP+

WDF™ 12DP + is the latest dicing frame prober with a new system platform concept that can handle and test both 300mm wafers and 300mm dicing frames with no change kit. By using the optional 8 inch conversion kit, it is possible to probe 200mm dicing frames and wafers to meet diverse test needs with minimal replacement parts and conversion time. You can smoothly introduce your existing test processes with the wafer prober operation. Generating known-good-die (KGD) is immediately available by conducting electrical tests after the dicing/singulation process which could not be previously detected until final package test. Furthermore, innovative KGD test method are becoming required because of advanced packages such as WLCSP, Fan-Out wafer level package, panel scale packaging, etc. The WDF™ 12DP + provides multi-die, high accuracy measurements before and after dicing using TEL’s unique alignment algorithm "N-Shot". WDF™ 12DP + has improved ESD capability to avoid to the device and provide improved cleanliness.

N-Shot alignment technique for diced wafer test

N-Shot alignment technique for diced wafer test

Product comparison

WDF™ 12DP+
WDF™ 12DP+
WDF™ 8
WDF™ 8
Wafer size
200,300,300DF 200,200DF
Availability New, Certified used New, Certified used
Stage technology Linear motor Ball screw
XY probing accuracy
±1.8 ±4.0
Z probing accuracy
±5.0 ±5.0
Probing force
200/300* 60
Optical system ASU/BCU-Ⅱ ASU/BCU-Ⅰ
Operation system Windows+PLC VME
  *Available as an option  

WDF is registered trademark or trademark of Tokyo Electron Limited in Japan and/or other countries.